Experienced professionals and high quality equipment we use allows our company produces orthopedic products of different complexity levels and the main groups of products we produce are:

  • Abdominal (postsurgical) belts, lumbosacral supports, dorsosacral supports, shoulder supports and etc. These products are recommended in cases of vertebral dislocation, inter-vertebral disc injuries, in case of back pain, radiculitis, spinal hernia, muscle and nerve root inflammation, spinal ostechondrosis, in case of faulty posture correction etc.
  • Ankle splints, ankle braces. The products of this type are recommended in cases of ankle sprain, inflammation, instability and during rehabilitation period after ankle fractures, after muscle or nerve inflammation, arthrosis etc.
  • Knee supports, patella knee straps, patella fix supports, knee immobilizers and etc. These products are recommended for treatment of lower leg muscle strains, inflammation, loose patellar ligaments, in case of their strain, tears, partial or complete dislocation, for knee fixation, treatment of lateral knee instability, for knee joint fixation, incorrect position of the patella (kneecap) and etc.
  • Wrist supports, thumb splints are recommended for ligament and tendon strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, it can partly stabilize and warm joint, it is recommended during rehabilitation period following wrist bone fractures and etc.
  • Elbow supports, elastic elbow braces, shoulder supports, hemi arm slings. These products are recommended for elbow joint fixation, elbow joint treatment, inflammation, in case of rheumatoid or other arthritis, for arm immobilization and etc.
  • Maternity belts, postnatal supports and other products.

Our products are made from high quality textile, in different colors. Our company is interested in partnership with international companies or medicine organizations for producing of various orthopedic production and selling it.