For workers we produce work safety splints which are durable and have a high-quality.

While carrying work related to physical activity (e.g., weight lifting) or housework, it is very important to protect back muscles from repetitive strain injuries. We produce orthopaedic safety appliances to help prevent severe fatigue and evenly distribute weight affecting a spine while working.

Heavy workers often suffer unbearable back, knee and wrist pain. Our developed safety splints:

  • reduce the load for the back and joints;
  • eliminate pain;
  • do not inhibit movements while working;
  • reduce fatigue after work;
  • reduce the likelihood of injury.
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Juosmens įtvaras su petnešomis

Abdominal (industrial) belt KR0-3-4R

Odinis plaštakos įtvaras

Leather wrist and hand support RT0-3-2R

Short elbow support RT3-1-1R

Knee sleeve (patella protection) KT3-9-2R