UAB „Ortopagalba“ successfully completed participation in EU projects. As a result, the modern equipment for feet diagnosis and reserarch was procured. As well as we start producing and comfort Highly breathable insoles and pads to apply in shoe insoles, comfort insoles, orthopedic insoles and sports insoles.

We offer individual shoe insoles which are developed according to each patient’s feet:

1. Adjusting insoles correct foot deformities, support arches, remove weight from the heel and other problematic areas of the foot.
2. Compensating insoles provide foot support and evenly distribute the load on the foot.

We recommend wearing these shoe insoles in case of biomechanical disorders and deformities of a foot and for the prevention of diseases.pedos_ideklai_1

These insoles:
•    facilitate walking;
•    support arches of a foot;
•    evenly distribute the weight per foot;
•    reduce foot and leg fatigue;
•    activate blood circulation;
•    help prevent foot deformities;
•    perform amortization during a movement.