Welcome! Our company “Ortopagalba” develops and manufactures orthopedic devices. We have been running our business successfully for over 20 years and are constantly improving and adapting our products to facilitate movement and ensure a healthy and active lifestyle!

We cooperate with various medical institutions throughout Lithuania. Our regular customers abroad: Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland.

Our team

Each member of our team is a professional in the field and ready to help you improve your quality of life. Our products are developed together with a patient, taking into account specific health needs. We try to understand and get to know a patient in order to create a connection, providing detailed advice and customized service. The most important for us is your well-being and emotional comfort.

Our objectives and values

We constantly cooperate, consult and take care of a patient. We are open, caring and responsible. We develop products carefully by focusing on your needs, thus your values become our values.

Our goal – to take care of you and your health by improving the movement and physical health with our developed orthopaedic appliances that help prevent injuries, accelerate healing and do not restrict freedom of a movement.

We aim to be leaders in Lithuania among manufacturers of orthopaedic appliances, rapidly developing and expanding partnerships with foreign countries and providing products and service of the highest quality.

Our products


We offer orthopaedic appliances for an effective rehabilitation after bone fractures, bruises and inflammation, as well as for injury prevention and a post-operative period.

For the improvement of health and wellbeing we develop high-quality tufted splints which are made on a basis of textile materials and are designed for neck, arms, legs and spine.

We also produce knitted splints that are elastic, natural, have a unique design, and are extremely comfortable and highly breathable. Knitted splints are used for prevention and rehabilitation after injuries. They are highly preferred by people who are doing sports. Our splints:

  • are comfortable;
  • have an attractive and modern design;
  • have long-term value;
  • are functional;
  • adapt to your physique and meet your needs and physical abilities.

 Harmless and high-quality materials are used during manufacturing. We ensure the highest quality of orthopaedic appliances and short production time.

What is GABI?


This is our unique brand which identifies our products suitable for:

GABI is a special brand because products are made from modern materials. In addition, GABI has secured an excellent reputation among orthopaedic products with its high quality, reliability and durability. Our customers fell in love with GABI splints for their exceptional comfort and modern design.

Modern technology + experts in orthopaedics

We use the latest technological equipment by world’s most advanced producers. Orthopaedic products are developed until the final product is created. We design and produce serial and individual orthopaedic appliances, according to each client’s individual needs:

  • splints for the neck, shoulders, arms, spine and legs;
  • knitted splints;
  • sports and therapeutic products;
  • labour protection products;
  • products for mothers and mothers-to-be;
  • shoe insoles.

We are innovative and aim to grow. We carry out detailed testing of feet, highly qualified orthopaedists – traumatologists give their advices here. Some of our manufactured orthopaedic appliances designed for the improvement of health are fully or partially covered under the contract with the State Patient Fund under the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

ISO 9001 S sp

Orthopedic devices manufactured in our company are approved by the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and meet the requirements of the European Directive (EU) 2017/745. The quality management system is designed, implemented and maintained according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Based on our extensive experience and taking into account your needs we advise, choose, apply and produce an orthopedic appliance that is perfectly suitable for you.

Please visit us – we will welcome you with a smile and enthusiasm to help you feel better!