We produce a therapeutic line of splints for legs, arms, neck and spine. Our splints:

  • are reliable;
  • pleasantly warm a joint;
  • promote a more rapid healing;
  • permit a freedom of movement;
  • are very comfortable;
  • adapt to body curves;
  • stabilize and reduce a risk of injuries.

We recommend wearing splints of a therapeutic line in case of an inflammation of a joint and surrounding tissues, a strain of tendons and ligaments, during rehabilitation after a bone fracture, joint dislocations or serious injuries, as well as during a post-operative period.

We have splints of different sizes that are suitable for both children and adults. We produce individual splints according to your needs.

Ankle support

Ankle support KT0-2-1R

čiurnos įtvaras su aštuoniuke KT0-1R

Ankle support KT0-1R

Ankle support KT0-2R

Knee support
Kelio įtvaras KA3-2R

Knee splint with support KA3-2R

Kelio įtvaras KT3-8-1R

Genufix knee support KT3-8-1R

Kelio įtvaras KA3-2-3R

Knee splint with support KA3-2-3R

Kelio įtvaras KA3-2-2R

Knee splint with support KA3-2-2R

Kelio įtvaras KA3-2-4R

Knee splint with support KA3-2-4R

Knee support KA3-3R

Kelio įtvaras KT3-9-4R

Knee support KT3-9-4R

Genufix knee support with open patella KT3-9-1R

Patella fix support KT3-2-1R

Knee support KA3-4-1R

Knee support with splint KA3-3-1R

Knee support KA3-2-1R

Lumbosacral support
Juosmens ir kryzkaulio itvaras KR0-10-1R


Juosmens ir kryžkaulio įtvaras KR0-20-1R



Dorsosacral support KR0-17R DS

Juosmens kryžkaulio įtvaras KR0-9R

Dorsosacral support KR0-9R

Lumbosacral support KR0-20Re

Kryžkaulio įtvaras KR0-20R

Lumbosacral support KR0-20R

Kryžkaulio ir juosmens įtvaras KR0-14R nugara

Dorsosacral support KR0-14R

Dorsosacral support KR0-4R

Dorsosacral support KR0-17R

Juosmens kryžkaulio įtvaras KR0-5R

Abdominal belt KR0-5R

Abdominal belt KR0-3-3R

Back and chest support

Lumbodorsal support KR0-5-3R

Juosmens krūtinės įtvaras KR0-5-2R

Lumbodorsal support KR0-5-2R

Clavicle support KR1-5R

Elbow support
Šildantis alkūnės įtvaras RT3-4-1R

Heating elbow support RT3-4R

Elastinis alkūnės įtvaras RT3-4R

Light elbow support RT3-4R

Elbow support RT3-5R

Elbow support RT3-5-1R

Pelvic support
Shoulder support

Arm Abduction cushion AP-1R

Hemi arm sling RL-1R

Neck support
Wrist support

Thumb splint RT0-5R

Wrist support RT0-3R

Wrist brase RT0-3-1R

Riešo įtvaras Rt0-1R

Thumb, hand and wrist splint RT0-1R