Everybody despite their health condition wants to feel comfortably. Ensuring comfortable conditions for patients is always challenging. However our appliances that are designed for rehabilitation and care will certainly facilitate nursing and taking care of a patient, by improving patient’s quality of life, physical and emotional health.

We offer robust and high-quality appliances for rehabilitation and care which particularly facilitate patient care both in institutions and at home. These appliances:

  • provide an opportunity to move;
  • are developed to move, turn and hold a patient – to facilitate a day-to-day care of a lying patient;
  • are multifunctional (e.g., by using a transfer belt a patient can be lifted from vehicles, wheelchairs, beds, chairs, etc.).
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Ostomy support belt KVP-6R

Positioning gloves PP-1

Hemi Arm Sling RL-1-1R

Mobilization belt PD-1-1

Mobilization belt PD-1