Motherhood is a very beautiful and meaningful period of time, however many women experience a pain of a lower back and loin during this time. You can avoid this and other pain by wearing our belts designed for pregnant women, as well as splints for waist and sacrum which are worn after childbirth.

Mother’s line is designed for mothers or mothers-to-be. Products are characterized by gentleness and effectiveness. They are adapted for mothers of different physique and help them:

  • avoid lower back pain;
  • prevent muscle strain;
  • regain a previous body shape easily and effectively after giving birth.

During a second half of pregnancy we recommend wearing a belt designed for pregnant women which:

  • gently holds a belly;
  • prevents the formation of stretch marks (pregnancy streaks);
  • reduces the load for the waist (weight distributes evenly);
  • helps maintain proper posture and move actively during pregnancy.

Wearing an immobilizing lumbar and sacral splint is recommend 12-16 hours after giving birth because it:

  • comfortably fits around the hips;
  • holds individual muscle groups;
  • helps shrink abdominal muscles after childbirth;
  • stabilizes a spine;
  • improves a posture;
  • is recommended after a caesarean section.

Products of a mother’s line are comfortable; they do not put pressure to a mother’s body and are pleasant.

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