Sports mean health! However, many injuries occur during sports, therefore a protection and treatment of your body is needed by selecting the most effective and suitable orthopaedic appliances of the best quality.

For athletes we offer wearing our splints characterized by:

  • comfort;
  • exceptional elasticity;
  • strength and durability;
  • high breathability;
  • excellent design.

For athletes we recommend using knitted splints which are produced through 3D technology of knitting. These splints are ideal for prevention and risk reduction of injuries. Knitted splints are very elastic – they completely permit movements, have a unique design and consequently are very popular among athletes.

Our knitted splints for athletes are adapted for active movements. Splints capture your body posture, stabilize and wrap the body from all sides, they do not chafe or irritate the skin. Splints designed for athletes are intended to protect them against new and reoccurring injuries.

For athletes who have experienced serious traumas we produce splints which are individually tailored for their particular cases.

Ankle support

Ankle support KT0-2-1R

Ankle support KT0-1R

Knee support

Genufix knee support with open patella KT3-9-1R

Patella knee strap KT3-1R

Patella fix support KT3-2-1R

Patella fix support KT3-2R

Knee support KT3-9-3R

Lumbosacral support

Dorsosacral support KR0-17-2R

Dorsosacral support KR0-15R

Leather spinal support KR0-8-2R

Elbow support
Elastinis alkūnės įtvaras RT3-4R

Light elbow support RT3-4R

Elbow support RT3-5R

Elbow support RT3-5-1R

Shoulder support

Shoulder support RT4-1R