We also produce knitted splints that are elastic, natural, have a unique design, and are extremely comfortable and highly breathable. Knitted splints are used for prevention and rehabilitation after injuries. They are highly preferred by people who are doing sports. Our splints:

  • are comfortable;
  • have an attractive and modern design;
  • have long-term value;
  • are functional;
  • adapt to your physique and meet your needs and physical abilities.


Ankle support
čiurnos įtvaras

Ankle support KT0-7R

Ankle support KT0-6R

Ankle support with open heel KT0-8R

Knee support

Knitted knee support KT3-10R

Knitted knee support KT3-11R Light

Lumbosacral support

Knitted spinal support KR0-23R

Spinal support KR0-24R

Elbow support

Knitted elbow support RT3-6R

Knitted elbow support RT3-7R, light

Wrist support