Size, R/LXS/1S/2M/3L/4XL/5XXL/6
Ankle circ., cm17-1919-2121-2323-2525-2727-29
  • Knitted ankle support with cross clasp.
  • It is recommended to be used during rehabilitation period.
  • The brace does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury, and is designed to be used during sports.
  • Elastic, breathable, knitted brace optimally fits and easily reinforce the ankle joint.
  • Anatomical knit and silicone pelotes replicates joint anatomy, ensuring support compliance, stability of the ankle joint and ligaments, distribution of compression from the ankle to the other tissues.
  • Graduated compression reduces swelling and haematoma formation.
  • Compression especially increases during motion and improves blood circulation of the joints and tendons. In the ends of support the compression is lower.
  • Designed to stabilize the ankle.
  • Weak ankle ligaments.
  • Swelling caused by joint arthrosis and/or arthritis.
  • After injuries and operations.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Tendomyopathy.
  • Ankle ligaments, tendons or muscles damage and/or inflammation.

polyamide – 58 %, rubber – 27,5 %, viscose – 7,5 %, elastan – 7 %.