Size XS/1S/2M/3L/4XL/5XXL/63XL/7
Thigh circ., cm38-4141-4444-4747-5050-5353-5656-59
Calf circ., cm28-3131-3434-3737-4040-4343-4646-49
  • Knitted knee support.
  • It is recommended to be used during rehabilitation period.
  • The brace does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury, and is designed to be used during sports.
  • Elastic, breathable, knitted brace optimally fits and easily reinforces the knee joint. Anatomical knit and flexible side fixations ensure support compliance. Silicone ring stabilizes the kneecap in the correct position and redistributes the compression from the knee cap to the other tissues.
  • Compression especially increases during motion and improves blood circulation of the joints and tendons. In the ends of support the compression is lower.
  • Designed to stabilize the knee
  • Knee arthrosis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Synovitis.
  • Chondritis.
  • Patella osteochondrosis of various origins.
  • Tendon of the knee area and articular sacks (bursa) inflammation.
  • Roughness osteochondrosis tibia.
  • Patella instability.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Knee pain.
  • Cartilage disease.
  • Deficient knee patellar positions.
  • Knee joint, ligament and muscle sprains

Polyamide – 58 %, rubber – 27,5 %, viscose – 7,5 %, elastan – 7 %.